World Wonder

World Wonder - FT

What is a World Wonder?

This is the building Guilds will fight for. In order to win a Season in Kingdom Clash, your guild must conquer the World Wonder. This is where you and your Guild must rise and write history. Each level of the World Wonder will cost hundreds of thousands, even millions of resources to build.

It's impossible for a single player to conquer a World Wonder and own it. So in order to conquer the World Wonder, you must be part of a Guild. The reason for this is not only the amount of resources needed but the number of troops needed to defend the World Wonder since it will be targeted by other guilds.

World Wonder Spawn - Season End

The World Wonder will spawn randomly on the map in the late phase of the game.

The player who is going to conquer the World Wonder must have a level 10 King's Palace in the town. Also, the player must own the King which can be trained only in Guild Mansion.

A King sent from the town must survive the attack after World Wonder King's Palace is destroyed in order to conquer the Wonder World.

A Season will end when the first Guild will rich Level 50 at World Wonder.

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