Kingdom Clash Economy
Kingdom Clash has 4 Resources tokens and 1 Currency token.
KCW- This can be mined from mining wood resources.
KCS- This can be mined from mining stone resources.
KCG- This can be mined from mining gold resources.
KCF- This can be mined from mining food resources.
KCT - Kingdom Clash Token will be the Currency token.
The total max supply of mining resources (KCW, KCS, KCG, and KCF) is unlimited, but the burning mechanisms of the game regulate its supply. It can deflate in a specific time window depending on the gaming activities. Therefore, the consumption of mining resources will depend on the rarities that players will mine with.
So it’s crucial for players to level up their mining building and their rarity to have guaranteed KCW, KCS, KCG, and KCF rewards. These resource tokens will be tradable on Alcor Exchange.
When you withdraw game tokens to your wallet, the commission percentage is an integer and has a dynamic range of 6 to 8%. The withdrawal fees tokens will be added back to the token pool. Withdraw has a 12h cooldown.
New token burn mechanisms will be added later.
Resource Tokens liquidity will be added over time as soon as p2e starts.
Kingdom Clash Token is a unique token. This token is scarce, and it will be hard to mine. It can only be mined from different in-game actions. More details about KCT will be released once the Token will be launched.