Economy / Resources


Our goal is to maintain a stable, self-sustained, and valuable economy over time.

There will be 4 different types of resources:

  • Wood

  • Gold

  • Stone

  • Food

Resources are the most essential elements in everything you do in Kingdom Clash.

These Resources are earned in one way:

  • Stake and build Lumber Camp NFT for passive Wood gain.

  • Stake and build Gold Mine NFT for passive Gold gain.

  • Stake and build Stone Quarry NFT for passive Stone gain.

  • Stake and build Wheat Farm NFT for passive Food gain.

To mine resources, the player should build a separate mine for each resource on their base. By upgrading each mine the player will increase its productivity. More ways to increase your mining productivity will come soon.

Each player will be limited in holding resources by 2 different buildings, Warehouse and Granary. More about buildings you’ll find later in the document.

The 4 Resources you will use in our game: Wood, Gold, Stone, and Food are building materials for almost everything on the base.

You will need resources to:

  1. Construct buildings.

  2. Upgrade buildings.

  3. Train troops.

  4. Research troops.

  5. Forge weapons & armor.

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