Hero - NFT

Every player will have a hero, the leader of the army.

A hero can lead the army into battles or can be sent on Adventures. Depending on your selected civilization, a hero will gain one special skill. Those special skills can not be upgraded by the player.
When a hero is created he has 1 skill point that is set to his resource production. Skill levels can be increased up to level 50. Each time your hero will level up, he earns 1 additional skill point that can be used to increase his 4 skill levels.
· Strenght
· Offence bonus
· Defence bonus
· Resources

There are several items a hero can equip:

1. Weapons
2. Mount
3. Armour
4. Helmet
5. Shield
Adventures will work similarly to a quest system. All you need to do is to send your hero on an adventure located on the map, the hero will explore that spot on the map and return to your kingdom if it survives. Adventures will spawn randomly around your kingdom.
Each adventure will have a different grade of difficulty. For every skill point added into Strenght, the damage received from adventure will slightly decrease. Several items on your hero can increase his strength skill as well.

What your hero can find in adventures:

  • Nothing (except damage)
  • XP
  • Armour/Weapon
  • Resources
  • Equipment