Troops - FT

All troops have their specific attack and defence values. They all have different purposes and are better used accordingly. There is no limit on the number of outgoing troops.


Some troops are considered defensive troops. They are the best at defending their respective civilization. Some are better at defending against cavalry, but weaker against infantry. Having a mix of them is usually a safer bet.

When you’re attacked, all your troops inside the kingdom will use their defence value to protect the kingdom against the attack. You can enhance another kingdom’s defence by sending troops as reinforcement to their kingdom. Gathering Guilds defence against big attacks is a good way to win the battle, with a minimal loss for the defenders.


Some troops are considered offensive. They tend to deal more damage on the attacking side than if they were on the defensive side of the battle.

Research Troops

Once you have a Barracks in your kingdom you can train basic troops.

In order to unlock other units, you will need an Academy Building and research the unit you’d like to join the army. Troops research is expensive and it takes time!

By building Stable you’ll get access to train your cavalry. All cavalry also have the stable in the requirement for being unlocked. Once the cavalry troop is researched in the Academy Building, you can train it in your Stable.

In order to train siege units, you will need an Artilery Workshop.

Once the specific siege unit has been unlocked in the Academy Building, you can train it in your Artilery Workshop.

· Battle Ram are the only troops that can destroy Kingdom Walls.

· Catapults and Trebuchets are the only troops that can destroy Buildings and Towers.

All troop’s weapons and armours can be upgraded in Blacksmith Building up to level 20, increasing their attack and defensive abilities.

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