Buildings - NFT
In the beginning, you should focus on mining buildings. Resources are the basis of your kingdom. You need them for simply anything. You'll be able to level up your buildings up to Level 10.
Outside the walls, every Kingdom can have 2 of each mining buildings, except the Farm. Because your army will need food to survive, you can have up to 3 Farms in your Kingdom. That means the player can have up to:
  • 2x Lumber Camp
  • 2x Gold Mine
  • 2x Stone Quarry
  • 3x Wheat Farm
Inside the Town Walls, there will be a number of building sites. Each can be occupied by one building at a time. Normally you can use any building site for any building but there are two exceptions: The Wall and Towers.
The buildings have different uses which are of an economic, military, or technology one. Before you can build them, you have to fulfill certain prerequisites for each building. A building tree will come soon...
Buildings enable you to build troops, join guilds, get resources, and store resources.


Warehouse and Granary are the buildings where you'll store your resources.


Barracks, Stable, and Artillery Workshop are the main buildings where you'll train your troops.


In Blacksmith and Academy building, you'll be able to research troops and forge your weapons.


You'll be able to construct Towers and a great Wall around your kingdom in order to defend it.
The Town Center is the most important building in Kingdom Clash. Almost all buildings require a town center level X to be built. At level 10 you can also demolish buildings.
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